Attack of the self esteems!!

Having loads of creative ideas, visions and inspiration amounts to diddly if you don’t believe in yourself. I have just described my life. I have battled the oppressors, the bullies head on and won. But it leaves you drained, wounded and broken. I don’t fear anyone on the planet, only myself. Have a great week and keep having those creative farts!!

Take a seat, there’s room for everyone. I mean everyone!

We all need to stop and take a load off from time to time.

We all need to stop a while and take a load off our feet, knees and our mind! I love nothing more than a stroll in the countryside with my family. I know I’m blessed to be able to do so. Not all of us can. Not all of us have the opportunity to do so. Most of us feel that we are far too busy to take time out for ourselves.

I am well aware that we are all living separate busy lives on this forever spinning planet. I live in England, Liverpool England. The home of The Beatles! You may live in the USA or Germany. Some may live in a prison cell or war zone. Some may live in a wheelchair or hospital bed. Some may be trapped inside our own heads. My point is that we need to take time out for each and everyone of of us. Ok. What do I recommend? Well that’s the difficult part. We are all unique and therefore we all have a unique solution to this issue.

I would love to know how you solve this issue? What you do to take time out? Please feedback in the comments. Repost even. Hit the like button. Make yourself a coffee! I am intrigued to know how you keep your head straight.

Until the next one, stay safe.

Where is this blog going?

We are all looking through the window, searching for answers.

I am passionate about creating photographs and video content with my mobile phone, hence why I sent up this blog. However I am having to overcome my own feelings and anxiety, just so I can post.

I’ve become aware of my own lack of self esteem and confidence, fearful of the reaction from others. Ok I’m recovering from cancer, but I’m not let that define me. I have a loving family and we are happy. However I have become even more aware of those who don’t have what I’ve got. Those in food poverty, abusive relationships, slavery, PTSD, unemployed, war zones and the list goes on and on. My thoughts are with those who struggle with their daily life. Stay safe and stop trying to figure shit out! Enjoy the moment, things hopefully will get better.

The leaves are falling. So are people…

Autumn changes lives for so many, with the onset of the darker nights can being on darker moods for many.

Autumn is time of cosy jumpers, log fires and hot chocolate. However for those suffering with mental health issues, it is the lead up to most stressful time of the year. Christmas! We are bombarded with commercials wanting our money, celebrities telling us it’s all about family time. People’s stress level skyrocket driven by materialism and perception of that we have got to be happy and thankful!

DON’T listen!! Create your own stress free and mindful Christmas. Don’t visit those relatives that are negative and bring you down. Call them instead, that way you’re still safe at home. Visit people who want to be with you and love you. Don’t overindulge in alcohol as it’s a game changed for your mental health, in a bad way.

Love yourself first as that is the only way others will love you back. Buy yourself a present, wrap it up and put it under the tree and give it to yourself at Christmas. Write on the tag, ‘To me, from me, love me!’ Reflect on the year and how you’re dealt with your issues. Always remember that there is a guy in Liverpool, UK who wrote this at the end of October, wishing you love, happiness and a wonderful Christmas.

Kicking in the door of self esteem!

My last post touched on self esteem and how social media impacts on our own self esteem. I have worked with so many talented creative people, who run a mile when a camera lens is pointed in their general direction. Is it because they haven’t had their final make up and costume checks? No. It’s because they are deeply unhappy with how they look. Ok, this could be a deep routed issue from childhood? However the pressures of social media dictate that we all must look perfect and that we absolutely must get 1000’s of likes or we are a failure!

I sadly see this everyday with the young people that I teach. They are starting out on life, but feel that they are failures due to their social media accounts. This needs change. As well as saving the whales, the rain forests and the planet? How about saving our young people?

Getting organised.

This is a short mini film I shot on my mobile starring my 8 year old son Joshua. He had been on at me all summer to make a film with him in, so being the good father we shot our little short. He was fab and took direction really well. It shows that you can get superb footage using your mobile, the right App and gimbal. I didn’t attach any external lenses

Creative cold turkey!!!

Going on a family holiday is fab. There is nothing like a break from your daily rut to get the creative juices flowing. So we’ve been back nearly a week and I am suffering from ‘creative cold turkey’. If you really want to know, me and the family went to Norway, which is an absolutely stunning country. Being a photographer and film maker, Norway has inspired me no end. As I am writing this I can feel the anxiety flowing away from me, it is has become a ‘fix’ for me. I need my ‘creative fix’.

My wife Claire shot the above photograph on my iPhone XR, using the fantastic Moment app coupled with their anamorphic lens. You can see the outer edges of the photograph are a little stretched and bendy, but I really like this effect. However the centre is fine. I did shoot a shed load of images and I’m so excited to share them as they will be used as ammunition for my upcoming blogs. Hope you like the images that I post as they are all shot and edited by yours truly.

Just a little footnote: my site is called ‘selfie esteem media’ the reason being is that I want to tackle the issues that social media can have on a person’s self esteem and self confidence. I didn’t realise that I would have to deal with my own self esteem issues before I can progress and do justice to the vision that I want to share with the world…