Number 2.

Disclaimer: The photograph used may or may not have some relevance to my number 2 blog, but we’ll see.

I love this image, which I took whilst on holiday in Stravangar in Norway a couple of weeks back. I did point out that all the photos and videos I use on my blog have been shot on my camera phone. At present I’m using a Huawei P9 and I love it. Anyway back to the blog.

Since my first attempt at blogging, I have looked at my ipad wondering how my fledgling post has been received, viewed or even read? I’m very pleased to announce that of the estimated 6 billion people on the planet they all were far too busy to read it, however they all did promise to read it when they have dome down time. So I’m nearing the end of my second post and I feel mildly satisfied with my achievements so far.

Finally the photograph at the top of the blog. It sums up brexit to me. We are all being dragged in the wrong direction.

I thank you…

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