Once more into the breach…

I took this in a coffee house in Liverpool, I was blown away by the crystal clear quality that my camera phone could produce. In the photograph is my old Olympus OM10 with my out of focus Panasonic DSLR in the background, but instead of using either of my cameras to take the image, I used my phone. Looking at the image, I see the journey through analogue, digital through to Mobile photography. It was then that I thought that I really need to get on board with new form of media. I love the whole accessibility of a camera phone and the way you can upload a snapshot of your daily life with a couple of clicks or the application of the odd filter.

Back in the iPhone 5 days, I was so excited by the implications of what I was holding in hands. However I was held back due to the fact that the technology available hadn’t caught up with the possibilities that were playing out in my brain! Coming from a professional film making background, you couldn’t just stick your iPhone on a Panasonic dolly or steady cam rig and start shooting single camera drama. However technology has finally caught with the several dramas and sitcoms being acted out in head. Enter the Zhiyun smooth 4 gimbal and apps like filmic pro.

As I delve back into the filming making world after a long break I will feedback my results via my blog. Why not YouTube? I hear you cry. After all film making is a visual medium! Maybe, maybe not. I need a script. Therefore my blog is my script. It helps to focus the mind, rather than trying to be cool, hip and down with kids on camera. I’m in my 50’s and starting off a new project and who knows I may well pluck up the courage to show my face on YouTube, without he help of make-up or costume!

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