All the lonely people..

To quote Lennon&McCarthy, who lived less than half a mile from where I took this photograph of my lonely cup of coffee, that’s how feel when writing my blog. I have all these fab ideas floating around my head, but panic when it comes to getting them down on paper. Therefore I’m forcing myself to publish more, which will hopefully empty my head of the floating ideas! Not so much as ‘drain the swamp’, but drain my head. Don’t get me wrong, my head is a nice place to be. Its full of thoughts of my wife and son, who are my reason for being.

Going off at a total tangent, article 13 for those of us in Europe, or about to leave next march #brexit, could have a massive impact on social media, blogging and posting anything on line. I have scrolled across many a blog which has lots of reposted, shared and pinched material. That said people blog for their own reasons and if the acknowledge their sources then fine, but article 13 is more about control under the guise of fake news. As a proud liverpudlian (scouser) I vividly remember the fake news that the British press and government peddled regarding the Hillsborough disaster, when 96 fans lost their lives. Social media has given all of us a voice. They want to take that voice back from us. No. Fight back. Move to the post brexit UK!! Who wont allow you in because you’re from Europe!!! What a loads of brexit & article 13 bollicks. You can all live in my spare room…

Check link while its still legal.

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