Take a seat, there’s room for everyone. I mean everyone!

We all need to stop and take a load off from time to time.

We all need to stop a while and take a load off our feet, knees and our mind! I love nothing more than a stroll in the countryside with my family. I know I’m blessed to be able to do so. Not all of us can. Not all of us have the opportunity to do so. Most of us feel that we are far too busy to take time out for ourselves.

I am well aware that we are all living separate busy lives on this forever spinning planet. I live in England, Liverpool England. The home of The Beatles! You may live in the USA or Germany. Some may live in a prison cell or war zone. Some may live in a wheelchair or hospital bed. Some may be trapped inside our own heads. My point is that we need to take time out for each and everyone of of us. Ok. What do I recommend? Well that’s the difficult part. We are all unique and therefore we all have a unique solution to this issue.

I would love to know how you solve this issue? What you do to take time out? Please feedback in the comments. Repost even. Hit the like button. Make yourself a coffee! I am intrigued to know how you keep your head straight.

Until the next one, stay safe.

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