Crazy busy day!

Trying to find peace in a peace exempt day!

My little health scare has well and truly kicked me well up the arse. Like many others I have planned and thought through my blog posts to the level of a military operation, however I just haven’t hit the ‘publish’ button.

When I watch other creators on YouTube or read their blogs, I dream that I too can be like them. The thing is that’s all I do, is dream. NO MORE! I’m going for this and it will be my legacy for family to reflect, laugh and smile on my silly rambling.

Reality check!!

This is me waiting in a hospital waiting room. Three and a half years ago I finished my treatment for stage 4 throat cancer. Today I attended my 6 month check up, of which there is normally no issues, however today there is something that they want to keep an eye on so they want me back in 6 weeks. I am sharing this because I want everyone who may read this to get out there and live your life to the full. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be fine, but what a reality check!!

Wow 2 posts in one day…WTF!

This is me trying to be really proactive by posting twice in one day. I’ve been busy filming, however I’m not sharing my work which is the whole point of having a blog. Thank you all in advance for likes and comments. Enjoy.

Film making is becoming more accessible to all with the advancement of the mobile phone. Let’s try and get a slice of the Hollywood pie!

Need to get on top of this!!

I set a reminder on my phone for 4pm every Sunday to remind me to post a blog. Guess what? I ignore it. Ahhhh!!

Then I moan that no one is seeing my stuff… erm that’s really my fault.

I filmed this with a local veterans group in Liverpool, here in the UK. All filmed on my mobile phone, using filmic pro.

I’m back…sort of!

Forgot my password! Too busy living my life! Too busy worrying about stuff! Too busy worrying about people! Too busy stopping myself from being creative!

However I had been busy creating and I thought I’d share it with you.

This is the second time I’ve worked with Exemplar K9 international, with more on the way. Hit the likes please.

Why do I leave it soooo long?

Writing a blog should not be this difficult! I’m starting to learn the hard way, it’s all about discipline. However when you’re trying to live your life, job and family, blogging disappears somewhat down your list of priorities.

Anyway enough of the ‘if only’ and ‘it’s not my fault, but’. Let’s get to it. I have posted my latest little film I did for ‘Shelter’, the UK based charity tackling homelessness. Once again I’ve shot this solely on a mobile phone, however this time I shot the piece using my new iPhone XR. I am really pleased with the results and also the fact the I am using the iOS platform (again), which allows me to seamlessly switch from my mobile to iPad when reviewing the rushes.

So for the techno bods, this is how I shot it.

Device: iPhone XR.

App: filmic pro with the cinematic add on.

App setting: white balance locked. 24 frames a second. Shot on flat profile.

Resolution: 4K 2160p


Gimbal: smooth 4.

Edit: Luna fusion. However this is not the final edit, as the sound needs a couple of tweaks. Let me know your thoughts.