All the lonely people..

To quote Lennon&McCarthy, who lived less than half a mile from where I took this photograph of my lonely cup of coffee, that’s how feel when writing my blog. I have all these fab ideas floating around my head, but panic when it comes to getting them down on paper. Therefore I’m forcing myself to publish more, which will hopefully empty my head of the floating ideas! Not so much as ‘drain the swamp’, but drain my head. Don’t get me wrong, my head is a nice place to be. Its full of thoughts of my wife and son, who are my reason for being.

Going off at a total tangent, article 13 for those of us in Europe, or about to leave next march #brexit, could have a massive impact on social media, blogging and posting anything on line. I have scrolled across many a blog which has lots of reposted, shared and pinched material. That said people blog for their own reasons and if the acknowledge their sources then fine, but article 13 is more about control under the guise of fake news. As a proud liverpudlian (scouser) I vividly remember the fake news that the British press and government peddled regarding the Hillsborough disaster, when 96 fans lost their lives. Social media has given all of us a voice. They want to take that voice back from us. No. Fight back. Move to the post brexit UK!! Who wont allow you in because you’re from Europe!!! What a loads of brexit & article 13 bollicks. You can all live in my spare room…

Check link while its still legal.

Why is blogging so hard!

Keeping a regular blog, whilst working, being a husband, being a dad, taking the garbage out, cooking, cleaning, getting ready for Christmas and trying to be creative is a bit of a mission! However once I do post, I feel free, excited, creative, relieved, sense of achievement and angry…with myself for leaving it so bloody long to post something. Rant over. Enjoy black Friday.

Getting out there and doing it!

Talking about doing stuff, is just that. Talking. Therefore getting out there, making mistakes and learning from them is the best and only way to learn. Shot this on my phone, which is a Huawei P9, using filmic pro and a smooth 4 gimbal.

I wanted to show a different side of Liverpool other than the Beatles and football. I chose the beautiful Georgian quarter, an area of the city which I have always loved. The area is around 200 years old and has seen the city grow, decline and grow again.

Enjoy, like, comment and follow. Help inspire me to film and blog more.

First attempt…

This was my first attempt of shooting a mini film during the summer whilst on holiday in Norway. As you can see it is a mix of stills and video all shot on my mobile phone. The white balance can be seen strobing at times and the editing narrative is a bit weak as I could have done with more footage to edit with. I used my Huawei P9 and Zhiyun smooth 4 gimbal. I used the Huawei in house video setting, however I have since downloaded filmic pro which is a must when shooting film on a phone. my son Joshua loves this so much as his nana and grandad are in the film. Please enjoy and feedback will be much appreciated.

Finding my direction.

I’ve not blogged, posted or put fingers to the keyboard since August. Wow that’s a long time. So why the long wait? It is not for the lack of ideas or lack of enthusiasm with regard to blogging. I had an overwhelming desire to get it right.

So what do I mean ‘by getting it right’? To me, getting it right was about the focus of my blog. What is my passion? Where did I want to go with my blog? How much energy could I dedicate to my blog?

These questions have been spinning around in my head for the last couple of months, sometimes keeping me awake at night. Therefore you may ask, what is the focus of my blog? Well my passion is photography, but not in the traditional way. My day job is to teach photography to young people who do not have access to DSLR’s, however they all have a mobile phone!

Over the past couple of years, I have watched with fascination as the ability of the mobile phone to take amazing images, has come on leaps and bounds. The Selfie has become a genre in its own rite and the pace of mobile phone film making is blistering.

Therefore the focus and direction of my blog will be on mobile phone photography and film making. Watch this space…

Once more into the breach…

I took this in a coffee house in Liverpool, I was blown away by the crystal clear quality that my camera phone could produce. In the photograph is my old Olympus OM10 with my out of focus Panasonic DSLR in the background, but instead of using either of my cameras to take the image, I used my phone. Looking at the image, I see the journey through analogue, digital through to Mobile photography. It was then that I thought that I really need to get on board with new form of media. I love the whole accessibility of a camera phone and the way you can upload a snapshot of your daily life with a couple of clicks or the application of the odd filter.

Back in the iPhone 5 days, I was so excited by the implications of what I was holding in hands. However I was held back due to the fact that the technology available hadn’t caught up with the possibilities that were playing out in my brain! Coming from a professional film making background, you couldn’t just stick your iPhone on a Panasonic dolly or steady cam rig and start shooting single camera drama. However technology has finally caught with the several dramas and sitcoms being acted out in head. Enter the Zhiyun smooth 4 gimbal and apps like filmic pro.

As I delve back into the filming making world after a long break I will feedback my results via my blog. Why not YouTube? I hear you cry. After all film making is a visual medium! Maybe, maybe not. I need a script. Therefore my blog is my script. It helps to focus the mind, rather than trying to be cool, hip and down with kids on camera. I’m in my 50’s and starting off a new project and who knows I may well pluck up the courage to show my face on YouTube, without he help of make-up or costume!

Number 2.

Disclaimer: The photograph used may or may not have some relevance to my number 2 blog, but we’ll see.

I love this image, which I took whilst on holiday in Stravangar in Norway a couple of weeks back. I did point out that all the photos and videos I use on my blog have been shot on my camera phone. At present I’m using a Huawei P9 and I love it. Anyway back to the blog.

Since my first attempt at blogging, I have looked at my ipad wondering how my fledgling post has been received, viewed or even read? I’m very pleased to announce that of the estimated 6 billion people on the planet they all were far too busy to read it, however they all did promise to read it when they have dome down time. So I’m nearing the end of my second post and I feel mildly satisfied with my achievements so far.

Finally the photograph at the top of the blog. It sums up brexit to me. We are all being dragged in the wrong direction.

I thank you…