Creative cold turkey!!!

Going on a family holiday is fab. There is nothing like a break from your daily rut to get the creative juices flowing. So we’ve been back nearly a week and I am suffering from ‘creative cold turkey’. If you really want to know, me and the family went to Norway, which is an absolutely stunning country. Being a photographer and film maker, Norway has inspired me no end. As I am writing this I can feel the anxiety flowing away from me, it is has become a ‘fix’ for me. I need my ‘creative fix’.

My wife Claire shot the above photograph on my iPhone XR, using the fantastic Moment app coupled with their anamorphic lens. You can see the outer edges of the photograph are a little stretched and bendy, but I really like this effect. However the centre is fine. I did shoot a shed load of images and I’m so excited to share them as they will be used as ammunition for my upcoming blogs. Hope you like the images that I post as they are all shot and edited by yours truly.

Just a little footnote: my site is called ‘selfie esteem media’ the reason being is that I want to tackle the issues that social media can have on a person’s self esteem and self confidence. I didn’t realise that I would have to deal with my own self esteem issues before I can progress and do justice to the vision that I want to share with the world…

Hurry up and wait!

It’s a strange time of the year for me, as I hurry up and wait for the summer to be over! What? Why? Am I mad? NOPE! It’s all about being a dad. My 8 year old son is about to break for the summer and he is looking forward to lots of adventures with his dad, whilst mum is still at work.

I know that it is a total role reversal with me being at home and my wife at work. You see, since I returned to work in at the start of term in sept 2016, after my cancer treatment, I returned worked part time. This is because my priorities changed from career to family, also my wife is amazing and I wants to support her career. I have had an amazing career working in television and education, but having a shit time getting through stage 4 cancer I decided that my wife and son come first.

I’m all better at the moment, reference my previous post about having to go back in august, I think that I’ll be ok.

So the summer is a time that my creatively is put on hold, to be replaced with ice creams, rainy days out and Lego!

When you feel the need…

To spill your thoughts and coffee on social media!

Yesterday I shared my iced latte on instagram. Why did I do this? I did it to show how crazy social media is and how people can judge you by your posts. When I was younger, growing up in probably the toughest northern city in the UK, I would have received a punch on the nose for taking a photograph of an iced latte. Come to think of it I would have also received a punch on the nose for even ordering an iced latte!

That said social media has allowed countless millions across the world to have a voice. Our mobile phones have enabled the human race to rant, troll, buy, sell and make their cat a superstar. Sit and take a minute to think about this. People are dying in Syria, Yemen, Sudan and every other planet on the earth, but hey look at the cute cat doing some daft shit!

Anyway you crazy guys please enjoy your day and spread some happiness out there, god knows we need it.

Crazy busy day!

Trying to find peace in a peace exempt day!

My little health scare has well and truly kicked me well up the arse. Like many others I have planned and thought through my blog posts to the level of a military operation, however I just haven’t hit the ‘publish’ button.

When I watch other creators on YouTube or read their blogs, I dream that I too can be like them. The thing is that’s all I do, is dream. NO MORE! I’m going for this and it will be my legacy for family to reflect, laugh and smile on my silly rambling.

All the lonely people..

To quote Lennon&McCarthy, who lived less than half a mile from where I took this photograph of my lonely cup of coffee, that’s how feel when writing my blog. I have all these fab ideas floating around my head, but panic when it comes to getting them down on paper. Therefore I’m forcing myself to publish more, which will hopefully empty my head of the floating ideas! Not so much as ‘drain the swamp’, but drain my head. Don’t get me wrong, my head is a nice place to be. Its full of thoughts of my wife and son, who are my reason for being.

Going off at a total tangent, article 13 for those of us in Europe, or about to leave next march #brexit, could have a massive impact on social media, blogging and posting anything on line. I have scrolled across many a blog which has lots of reposted, shared and pinched material. That said people blog for their own reasons and if the acknowledge their sources then fine, but article 13 is more about control under the guise of fake news. As a proud liverpudlian (scouser) I vividly remember the fake news that the British press and government peddled regarding the Hillsborough disaster, when 96 fans lost their lives. Social media has given all of us a voice. They want to take that voice back from us. No. Fight back. Move to the post brexit UK!! Who wont allow you in because you’re from Europe!!! What a loads of brexit & article 13 bollicks. You can all live in my spare room…

Check link while its still legal.

Getting out there and doing it!

Talking about doing stuff, is just that. Talking. Therefore getting out there, making mistakes and learning from them is the best and only way to learn. Shot this on my phone, which is a Huawei P9, using filmic pro and a smooth 4 gimbal.

I wanted to show a different side of Liverpool other than the Beatles and football. I chose the beautiful Georgian quarter, an area of the city which I have always loved. The area is around 200 years old and has seen the city grow, decline and grow again.

Enjoy, like, comment and follow. Help inspire me to film and blog more.

First attempt…

This was my first attempt of shooting a mini film during the summer whilst on holiday in Norway. As you can see it is a mix of stills and video all shot on my mobile phone. The white balance can be seen strobing at times and the editing narrative is a bit weak as I could have done with more footage to edit with. I used my Huawei P9 and Zhiyun smooth 4 gimbal. I used the Huawei in house video setting, however I have since downloaded filmic pro which is a must when shooting film on a phone. my son Joshua loves this so much as his nana and grandad are in the film. Please enjoy and feedback will be much appreciated.