Why do I leave it soooo long?

Writing a blog should not be this difficult! I’m starting to learn the hard way, it’s all about discipline. However when you’re trying to live your life, job and family, blogging disappears somewhat down your list of priorities.

Anyway enough of the ‘if only’ and ‘it’s not my fault, but’. Let’s get to it. I have posted my latest little film I did for ‘Shelter’, the UK based charity tackling homelessness. Once again I’ve shot this solely on a mobile phone, however this time I shot the piece using my new iPhone XR. I am really pleased with the results and also the fact the I am using the iOS platform (again), which allows me to seamlessly switch from my mobile to iPad when reviewing the rushes.

So for the techno bods, this is how I shot it.

Device: iPhone XR.

App: filmic pro with the cinematic add on.

App setting: white balance locked. 24 frames a second. Shot on flat profile.

Resolution: 4K 2160p


Gimbal: smooth 4.

Edit: Luna fusion. However this is not the final edit, as the sound needs a couple of tweaks. Let me know your thoughts.

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